Why should you trust us?
We have been working on boosting for years. Starting with World of Warcraft and LoL, some months ago we released a very successful Overwatch project. So now, it’s time for Destiny II. Since we are passionate game players ourselves, we have played on Destiny II Beta, and now we know very well all the hard and weak in-game features and activities. We know where a casual player would need some help and we are ready to give it. Our team consists of professional players with high ranks and significant experience in shooters and MMO games.
Payment solutions (money refund)
The main question in boosting is money. You can always connect our payment support, if you were mistaken somewhere, or if you are disappointed in the order implementation and want your money back. All the controversial issues are disputable, and we always try to make advances to our customers.
Safety of the account
The safety of your account is the basis of everything we do. We won’t exist if our customers get banned after they share their account with our boosters. We use special VPN programs with IP matching your country and city. It’s almost impossible to determine the boosting process.
All our projects have the reputation of the best quality/price ratio services. Our customer support works 24/7. We do everything to make you satisfied with our cooperation. If you don’t trust our words – read the testimonials of the players, we have already helped.
You can always check reviews about us or make your own on pro-gamers’ forums like OwnedCore. We take into consideration any opinion of our work, so we want to develop our project and make it better.
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