What is this service?
LOur service helps players to achieve their goals and rewards in Destiny 2 from simple level up to high-skilled PvP wins.
About Us
Our founders and boosters are all professional and ex-professional players, who reached the highest ranks in e-sports. Unfortunately, we can’t tell our names, because most of us prefer to stay anonymous.
Is it safe?
Don’t worry, we do everything to keep your secrets and account safe. We can ensure you, that we never transmit your personal information to third parties and never ask your secret account questions. We use special VPN software for account sharing services, so your IP always matches your country. If you are still doubting, please, read the reviews of our customers on the “testimonials” page.
Work with us
If you are talented Destiny player, and you show great in-game results, you can become one of our boosters. Contact us via Skype or send apply with a form on Contact Us page. Please provide as much information about your in-game progress as possible.
How can I pay for the boost?
You can choose between the most popular payment online services and direct credit card payment. Use any method you are comfortable with.
What do I need for the boost?
You need Destiny 2 account, nothing else.
Account sharing or myself?
Choose whatever you want. Note, that some of the services are done only via account sharing. All our boosters are working under a contract, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your account.
Can I play with booster?
Playing with booster is a way to raise your skills while watching the professionals play. However, we have a special coaching service, where these players will teach you and show you all the tricks they know by skype and during the game. It’s much better than a simple duo game.
How to track the progress?
All account sharing services have a special free option of a live stream, so you can monitor your character progress in real time.
I have a question not mentioned above
Use live chat for simple questions about payment, services and boosting. Contact us via Skype and e-mail with conflict issues and claims.
I am dissatisfied with the quality of service execution
We always try to do our best, but sometimes shit happens. In any disputable situation, please, contact us via Skype and e-mail. If we really do it wrong somewhere, we’ll make a compensation refund. Please, note, that live-chat managers are not competent in resolving conflict issues, so, please, use the ways of communication mentioned above.
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